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Disclaimer: This is an ad for Stickman – our guest reviews received free press tickets in return for a review

Stickman at the Leicester Square Theatre is an excellent adaptation of a Julia’s Donaldson classic. The beauty of this production lies in the intimate setting of the theatre which allows for a variety of audience participation moments, thus succeeding in capturing the attention of even the most restless of the children. The availability of booster seats was much appreciated and should be more widely encouraged…

It was a delightful show, with three excellent actors, as always giving their upmost throughout. I would thoroughly recommend it and a first great introduction to the theatre for even the youngest of little ones; while some dialogue directed at the audience means even older ones are kept entertained.

The live music is particularly clever and engaging and all credit to the three actors for managing such a physical play. The setting is enchanting throughout, and the use of umbrellas and rubber rings extremely creative – the sea, snow and beach scenes are particular highlights. And of course the loose of Stickman’s microphone was subtlety dealt with and something which I’m sure will be perfected for the wider release.

I hope the joy of the intimate and thus delightful setting is not lost in wider theatres. All is all, a great production of a wonderful favourite!

By C (age 8) and Mum

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