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Well… now here was a lovely lovely experience – Build a Bear for The Girl’s Birthday. Both my children adore cuddly toys and do have quite a number of them. They both had “nursery bears” at their respective nursery  that came from Build a Bear and that they adored taking home when it was their turn.

So I thought it would be wonderful for The Girl to Build her own Bear, especially since she is about to leave her nursery and leave that “nursery bear” behind soon. She got to make her own! And lucky for us the lovely PR from Build a Bear arranged for a visit for us.

The process is adorable… the children get to first choose a bear that they would like to bring to life. There is  a really good range to choose from – from very traditional looking bears to bears in all colours, to panda bears to special Save The Children Bear’s.

Once they finally chose their bear (there was a LOT of uhming and ahing).

You then move on to choose any sound effects you want for your bear (lots of pressing of buttons! Always good).

Next you get to fill your bear – slowly the bear is coming to life! Very importantly you give it a test cuddle to see if needs any more stuffing to make it JUST RIGHT.

Next (VERY importantly) you pick a heart. First you place it on your head and make a wish for it…. You rub your cheeks to make it cheeky. You touch your nose to make it nosey… You rub it and you blow it and you wake it up!!! And then you have to place your newly awakened heart inside your bear (HOW CUTE!?!).

Finally, a quick sew and some washing and your bear is READY! For the best bit (in The Girl’s eyes)… ready to get, dressed! Oh my the choices of outfits!!!! Where to start. Shopping heaven!

Your bear then gets it’s very special house so you can bring it home safely! And as it is Christmas the house is a Gingerbread house with extra stickers to decorate. So sweet.

We were really lucky and were allowed to make an extra Pudsey Bear, that is being donated to The Boy’s school, so now the school ALSO has a school bear for the children to love and care for!

AND did you know, they have a special school scheme – come in with your school and you can get a free bear!

Disclaimer: our morning at Builder a Bear was courtesy of Build a Bear PR. Many thanks!

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