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As you may know, we were lucky enough to get our hands on the InnoTab2 and I think it is a great educational “toy” for kids of “today”. I love that you can add as your child grows and develops, keeping it up to date and new.

We have now had our InnoTab2 a little while, so it was great to be sent a £20 App Card. I confess, it made me “finally” go and download the Learning App Download Centre and I am glad I finally did. Though very much an “internet” person  I can be a bit techie averse – if I don’t know the technology I “really can’t be bothered” to learn how to use it and I shy away. The download centre however was SUPER easy to install. Super easy to navigate and in no time I had selected about 10 apps to download for my £20 voucher (there were a bonus 2 free apps to download for just registering, brilliant). The only problem was deciding what to get!

Here are some that we downloaded:

Sort the Seals

A cute little matching game. Thought it would be right up The Girl’s street. You need to tilt the table (doh – I tried to drag it for ages, the kids knew how to do it in seconds). Very cute and a great “starter” game.

Carrot Patch

We like bunnies and carrots in our house. This is a missing letter matching game. Knowing The Girl, she will probably just touch all the letters to get the answers, but I think there will be some passive learning regardless! The screen could be a little bigger (as could be the letters!) a small missed trick there!

Ants Harvest

A very basic counting and colour matching game. Perfect for The Girl who has just turned 3. Would be nice if something “exciting” happened at the end of each level – like a big clap or happy dance, instead they just get a “score”. I think more needs to happen. As you go up the levels a bit of adding is appears, which I think is great and it is very visual maths, especially as I am really keen to get The Boy more into proper maths activities. I think he will like this!

Animal Scramble

I used to have these “in real” as a child and use to love them. A great problem solving game. Can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, great for thinking some steps ahead.

Cube Quest

Love the cube quest – as there is a bit a problem solving going on here. You have to stack the cubes by size nad colour, but sometimes that means moving some cube sand then re-stacking them later, i.e. you need to plan a head. Great learning opportunity that feed into strategic card games and games like chess.

I also downloaded some music for her and have a nice balance of activities on her InnoTab2. I think we are now definitely set for some time!

The InnoTab2 retails at £84.99 and and you can get them from VTech Uk, where you can also register for the download centre and find more apps ranging from £2.99 upwards.

Disclaimer: we received the App Card for free – many thanks!

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