Foraging with Kids Part 2

How come, you find the most wonderful things, when you are not actually looking for them? We were off to the park today with Opapa and on the way (to fair, where the blackberries grow), we then spotted 100s of damon (small plums)- there were about 6-8 damson trees all in one row. The plums are small, but good and surprisingly worm free!

foraging plums

They need a tad longer to ripen, but they are edible already, perfect for cakes and will most definitely ripen at home! (i.e. they are no different if not better, than some “supermarket ripen at home plums).

plums foraging

Aren’t they gorgeous?

(PS the bowl is made from Fabric Mache and features in my Kids Craft Book out in March 2013.)

So.. Foraging part 2:

  • Always keep your eyes open for something you may not expect
  • Teach your children about the dangers of trying or eating things you do NOT know or recognise. We drum it into ours, to ONLY pick and eat, what Mummy & Daddy say they can
  • Go back to areas you have been before and look again (we have actually spotted an apple tree too and are waiting for the apples to ripen)
  • Check our Foraging with Kids post to read more about why we love foraging!

Come back for our traditional Austrian Cake that we will be baking with these!

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