The Value of Gardening with Kids

As you know I LOVE growing vegetables with the kids. Well, I do most of the growing, they tend to plop in some seeds and then get excited when things grow. But that is good enough for me for now. I love that they can recognise plants – they know what the pumpkin family looks like (we have a lot courgette plants each year), what strawberry plants look like (always good to know) and tomato plants. So they are definitely learning.

They also see how quickly different things grow. Tomatoes are quick to sprout and seem to take FOREVER to grow really big.

We always end up giving away lots of plants, usually to friends (who then manage to kill them off), but we have an excess, so that is fine. This year, I am giving some to the School Fair – I wrote some basic care instructions for them too and hopefully a green fingered child will be keen to get one or two plants for their garden!Garden produce salesWhilst I am on the topic of the School Fair… next year, I will grow “specificially” for the school fair – I will avoid giving to friends (unless they are REALLY keen), as I think home grown plants are just what  you SHOULD be giving to the school fair. All, the money made is then more or less profit. I am merely giving them our labour.

At our school it is encouraged to go to the garden centre and to buy plants that are then resold at the school fair. I am mortified at this and think it is a totally generic cialis online tadalafil ridiculous idea, that makes no business sense what so ever (surely the school is better off taking a financial donation from those set of parents? Especially as not all plants are always sold, technically resulting in a financial loss). I do understand, that the school fair should be fun and that providing a variety of things for people to purchase makes it more interesting. However, I think it really needs to be done in a way, that maximises profits in a more efficient manner. And I am hoping that I can lead by example a little… who knows.. can we slowly slowly change their mind about how the source things to sell?

And yes, I know I should not complain, but JOIN our school parenting board (the PTA), but before you say it: I don’t have time right now, really I don’t. Also, I think I would get very frustrated with the whole “design by committee” and having to deal with “parents that have been doing it a certain way for years” and I don’t need that “right now”.

Sorry. I shall just moan about it here instead! And try and change things a little at a time, my OWN way. Whilst also teaching my kids how what we are doing has a value – not just for us to reap the benefits of our labour in fruit and veg, but that it has  a financial value too, as well as community value in terms of the school.


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