Getting Ready For Spring

As you know we are starting to get ready for Spring!!! Earlier in the week, started planting our first few seeds – we looked at tomatoes, pansies and some herbs. We only did a few pots in total – and will be planting some more in 2-3 weeks time. I just wanted to take advantage of the fact that The Boy is on a school break.

VEgetable planners

I think one of these Vegetable Planners will however come in VERY handy! It is a great visual way to figure out what to plant when. Normally I just get the seed packets out and rummage through those that say “Feb” or “March”. You can get this and other gardening bits and pieces at Hawkins Bazaar – and I think I may get Daddy to get the Kids to give one for Mother’s Day this year!


I also spotted the Shiitake Mushroom logs. I have viagra online shop always WANTED To go mushroom picking but never quite dared to. What if I get it wrong? And I do love the idea of growing things again and again. Apparently this log will yield fresh juicy mushrooms in Spring and in Autumn. I so want some!!! Nothing quite like home grown produce, is there? And I am lucky enough to have two kids that like eating mushrooms.

I think I will have to do some planning and see where we could fit these in. Our garden is small – but we are making the most of what we have, including using our front garden as a place to plant. The neighbour’s are used to seeing tomatoes and strawberries grow there (in fact that is how some of our friends find our house – they look for the vegetable patch. Surely some mushrooms would fit right in?!).

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