Let Us Tell You a Story – Part 5

Do you remember that game – where you all sit in a circle (or ok, a car or a bus or the bus stop.. or ideally a campfire) and one person starts to tell a story. Then they pass the story telling baton on and the next person continues it and so on and on.. well we are doing a Blogging story like this. The story started at Tired Mummy Of Two.. and from there you can click through to read all that has been happening so far. Today, it is my turn to continue  – I am taking the baton from Team Lloyd.

So… here is your next installment!

“Laura?” asked Tony.

Did someone just say her name?! Surely, she must have dreamed that. It was only her and the dog at the house since Robert’s accident. “Laura, are you awake?”. Laura froze. She didn’t dare move a muscle. Someone was in her room. Someone was sitting on her BED. No no no?! She winced to herself. I didn’t! Surely, I didn’t? Her splitting headache told her that she had had far too much to drink last night and she really wasn’t sure what she did or did not do.  Slowly, she turned round. She knew she had to face who ever it was sitting next to her. Opening one eye just a teeny tiny bit, she peeked at the person next to her and saw a handsome man, looking concerned with a cup of tea in his hand… 

“Milk, no sugar?” he asked, passing her the cup. She carefully sat up. Nodded her head and smiled an embarrassed smile, gratefully taking the cup of tea and taking a sip.

“Uhm, hello! Uhm, I don’t really… ahm.. remember much about yesterday. Did I…? Did we…? I don’t usually…” she started nervously.

The man, smiled. Laura noticed that he went an endearing shade of pink, as he slowly shook his head.

“No, we… didn’t… uhm, do that.” he said “I found you sitting on a bench near the pond, crying and well, quite drunk. I couldn’t leave you. And before you say anything I slept on the sofa, I just had to make sure you were ok in the morning. Your dog didn’t seem too pleased that he had a room mate.”

“Crying? By the pond? The last thing I remember was being with my friends, dancing and laughing….”.

So, head over to Little Lillypad and her Little Lillypad Blog tomorrow to find out what happened next.

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