New Year’s Resolutions

There is lots of talk at the moment about “New Year’s Resolutions”… well.. this time of year of course it would be. I have to confess… that each year.. I have the same one, which is:


I don’t know why, but on many levels I am a New Year’s resolution ba humbug (even though I love New Year’s Eve Traditions – I find traditions simply irresistible), but when it comes to resolutions, I am a big fat “ney, not me”.

For two main reasons:

* Most people I know are depressed by their new year’s resolution, especially if they fail at them.

* I believe you should be making the changes in your life irrespective of what time of year it is. Get fit anyway. Loose weight anyway. Be kind anyway. Read more books anyway etc

So. I say: ba humbug to resolution, if you feel you need to change your life, change it.

Regardless of the “time of year” live your life! Make the most and don’t let resolutions “get you down”.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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