Making Gifts for Friends Afar

Well, by now you may know that I do LOVE to make my own Christmas or Birthday Presents for both friends and family that I see and those afar. In fact there is nothing more exciting than receiving an unexpected parcel through the door or via the Parcelforce man.

So here are some of my favourite gifts to send through the post (just be sure to wrap them carefully!)!


  1. Homemade Cookies & Ornaments – make your favourite Christmas cookies, you will find a number on the post, decorated with and ornament and maybe you could add your favourite Christmas Movie DVD to complete the package.. perfect
  2. Tweed Doorstop – a wonderful way to upcycle and old tweed coat AND make a lovely gift. A great idea from Me and My Shadow.
  3. 5 WONDERFUL Christmas card – nothing better than homemade Christmas Cards. And Amanda shares 5 lovely ideas for you to make!

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  1.  Hot Water Bottle – I feel all snug and warm just looking at this hot water bottle and I definitely want one. Sort of lucky for us, we recently shrunk not one, but two jumpers in the wash. A perfect reuse.
  2. Bird Nest Necklace – don’t these look beautiful? Much easier to make than you think and would make a very special Christmas present!
  3. Beautiful noticeboard – and I can always do with message solutions. I have tons of little pieces of paper floating about, how about making a nice pin board for someone? Perfect!

What are your favourite homemade gift ideas?  Do leave a commet or share a link!

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