Picture Book: Melvin

41E19-lRjSL._SX385_We do love a new picture book every so often and in particularly we (ahem I) love quirky stories with quirky illustrations.

Melvin The (un)luckiest Monkey by Claudia Boldt is one of the latest publications by Tate Publishing. I am a great fan of Tate Books – they are usually beautifully illustrated with great stories.

Melvin is not any different.

The story is about Melvin the “unlucky” monkey. His best friend Pete tries to convince him otherwise. But Melvin just regales him with stories of woe and bad luck…. Pete begins to wonder if Melvin REALLY IS the UNluckiest monkey in town. But is is a question of attitude or does Melvin really have that much bad luck? So off he goes to surprise Melvin with his favourite Bananas…. But alas, the bad luck is now rubbing off on Pete…. will there be a happy end? Will Pete and Melvin be ok?

A sweet story of friendship and outlook in life!

Disclaimer: Tate Publishing provided use with the picture book for free.

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