20 Creative Projects – a lovely new crafty book series

Sooo you know how I can NEVER EVER resist a peak at a craft book.. right? Well here is a great set of 4 books that you may want to take a look a. Thames & Hudson have brought out these 4 x 20 themed projects

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So either take a peak at them indiviually or get them as a set (I do love a nice set). They come in a handy bigger than A5, but smaller than A6 hardback format, perfect for slipping into a bag and reading on the tube.


I love that they all have a similar lay out – making each book quick and easy to navigate. Each project has a difficulty rating, as well as an estimated “make time”. Very handy indeed.

I also feel that these books is of interest for both beginners (it gives you lots of basic info) as well as advances (there are plenty of “oh I hadn’t thought of that surprises!)

Tote Bags

The tote bags books starts with a handy SEW YOUR OWN tote bag… as well as highlighting all the different techniques for decorating!

Great craft books (7)

Great craft books (9)


Similarly the brooches book, outlines different techniques and ideas before delving into fun and quirky projects!

Great craft books (4) 12657242_10153903006446085_5570739317042906669_o

Pompoms & Tassles

I thought I knew everything about Pompoms and tassles! Clearly not! This book is full of fun surprised of how you can get decorating with pompoms. LOVE the rug.. and adore the felt pom poms!

Great craft books (5) Great craft books (14)

Stamping & Printing 

Again, I thought, I knew it all.. until I opened the book and saw some wide and varied print making projects. Love the little ornaments. How cute!

Great craft books (3) 12419309_10153903006741085_5349887977568106330_o

All in all, the books are well laid out, with good, clear instructions and lots and lots of inspiration, making you want to just have a go!!

I also, got to peek at Hirameki

Hirameki was a book that I was very interested in from childhood art class memories – I remember one art lesson being all about findin shapes, characters and stories in paint splodges and it was a lesson I very much enjoyed. Here is a book that brings it all back.

Great craft books (13)

It is a great lesson for talking with kids about how you can create something about nothing…Great craft books (11)

and is a bit akin to finding shapes in clouds – just a bit more colourful and creativeGreat craft books (2)

The book doesn’t really teach you “how to do” this as such, but provides you with LOTS AND LOTS of inspiration and ideas. This a bit of a “bed time reading” (or should I say “looking”) – a fun way to explore and discover and I can’t wait to have a go with the kids!

Disclaimer: we were sent the books free of charge to review

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