Bedroom Revamps

So… the kids are growing up far too quickly. Already the boy is 6 years old and the girl is 4 years old. Where has time gone? I remember the day, they were still in tiny little Moses Baskets… then came the move to their cots and their very own bedrooms. That was a big moment indeed. No longer next to us every night and that “big step” to their own rooms.

As the kids grow, so do their the “amount of things” that they own. In particularly TOYS! So every bit of storage and clever bedroom solution is much sought after. Currently their things are pile high and all sorts of other “things” knock about under their beds, never to be seen again (and to be devoured by the “under the bed dust monster”).

But enough. It is time to sort out their mess and their literally “growing” needs.

They need bigger beds and they need proper beds. So we are currently in the process of “upgrading their beds”. We made do with cots, minus the bars for a looong time. Then came some childrens’ beds that we had as hand me downs, but I think it is time for something decent and more permanent – yep – an adult single bed is in order. Preferably some single beds with storage!!

Luckily there is a lot of choice out there. We just have to decide what works best for the kids bedrooms (the girl’s bedroom is rather small, whilst the boy has a bit more flexiblity in his).

I am sure we will find the right solution soon. And then the fun can begin with pretty or funky new duvets to go with their big boy and big girl beds!

Here is to growing up. And all the things that come with it!

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