Halloween Treats: Easy Frankenstein Cookie Pops

Well.. remember the Traffic Light Cookie Pops we did a while back over at Red Ted Art? Well.. I was looking at them again recently (as you do) and I thought “oooooh how about some Frankenstein Cookie Pops?!” perfect for Halloween Treats! You could even wrap them in cello phane and hand them out?

Seriously. These are easy. And are made from our usual “basic cookie recipe”:

Ingredients: 300g plain flour, 200g unsalted butter, 100g sugar

You will also need coffee stirrers

Decorating: Icing sugar, a little water, green food colouring, choc sprinkles, white choc buttons, red and black icing pens, mini marshmallows

1) Mix together (be sure that butter is at room temp).

2) If dough is v soft, place in fridge for a 10min or so to harden

3) Roll out dough to about 0.5cm thickness and cut out rectangles (exactly as per the Traffic Light pops)

4) Ease in your coffee stirrer. Should it break through the cookie, start again.

5) Place on tray and bake for 12-15min or until golden.

6) Let cool briefly on tray and then transfer to rack to cool fully.

7) Make a paste with the icing sugar, green food dye and water. Don’t make it too runny.

8) Add to your cookie and decorate: choc sprinkles for hair, buttons for eyes, marshmallows for “bolts”, details in icing pen (e.g. the pupils, nose, red scar and mouth).


What are your favourite homebaked Halloween Treats? Would love to hear about them all!

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