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You may know that we are iphone Apps addicts. I do worry that they are “computer games” disguised as “educational tools” and that I am getting my kids “into gaming” early, but to be honest, the majority of apps we have, really are very sweet and do have educational value. You can see all the ones we already have over at Red Ted Art’s iphone App reviews.

Today we have for you a new little App called “Magic Belles”.

I have to say it is very “cute” and I thought that only The Girl (almost 3) would like it – pretty “magic belles” going about their daily chores with the help of the iphone App user. But no… The Boy (nearly 5) LOVES it too. I think it is because the Belles are colourful and cute. The App is “music based” and maybe the jingling and jangling of “each game” is mesmerising and draws both children in.

If I had to describe the games, I would say they are “gentle”, slow paced (so children can absorb what they are doing and are not overwhelmed), colourful and mesmerising (due to the music element).

The Boy likes play about 4 of the 7 games, as there are couple that are a little on the very slow side.

Cute game. Thumbs up. I can see all sorts of wonderful spin offs coming from these indeed Magic Belles!

Read more about the Belles on their wonderful Magic Belle website or go straight to the apple store.

Disclaimer: we were sent the app for review 

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