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You know me and my addiction to social media. I love to be everywhere… be it on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I even have a stumbleupon and tumbler account (though confess to not using them too much). So you can ALWAYS tempt me with a new social media app – i.e. making social media on the go easy and fun. As it is hard to find time to squeeze it all in!


Along comes Dayre – the App that allows you to blog on a mobile device! Had enough of only 140 characters? Want to share more than just one picture on Instagram. Bursting to SAY MORE whilst in the queue at Tescos? Well I am… so I am going to give Dayre a whizz over the coming weeks.

I am one of 30 bloggers giving the new Dayre app a go – I am doing this as “other me” Red Ted Art.

Why don’t you give it a go as well? Find me as it is really easy to join in:


Go to your App store and download the FREE App. Or get it via Google Play.


Open your app and START!DSC_0617


It is very quick to set up your profile with photos from your smart phone. Or take a new one!

Then tap on the take a photo or write a post… and away you go. I popped my first post up whilst buying toothpaste at the pharmacy. And I already found a couple of my blogging friends. Hurray.

Here is to some fun times ahead.

One thing I have already noticed, is that it works better than Instagram on the go. When I am out and about my Instagram app will NOT let me update new photos. Whilst Dayre will…..

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