Ninja Turtle Fun

Disclaimer: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PR Team took us out for a day, but this post represents my views only

Oooh we had a LOVELY day today at London Zoo today – thanks to the lovely people behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is certainly a flashback to my (our) childhood. Both my husband and I loved watching the program when were children and I had a sneaky suspicion that our kids would adore them too. The Boy (5) is currently into all things Superhero-y – be it Batman or Star Wars or CHIMA Lego (through some Pirates into the mix and he is a happy boy). So the Ninja Turtles were right up his street. The girl, ADORES turtles. Enough said.

The kids ADORED a bit of simple dress up (who knew a band around your eyes is all you need to become a Ninja).

Loved playing with all the turtle toys…

… especially this HUGE Secret Sewer Lair. They could get the turtles sliding down a zip wire, climb up and down, jumping and just have turtle fun.

We were lucky enough to take some of the toys home, some VERY happy children. I am amazed at how taken BOTH the children are by the toys and they kept them happy all the way home!

Before all the play and afterwards, we did get a chance to look around London Zoo – always a special treat for the children. We saw some real turtles (one was over 70 years old!!), Gorillas, Tigers, Monkeys and lots lots more. Really a wonderful day out.

Many thanks for having us!

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