Halloween Treats – Baking

We do love ANY excuse to bake… be it to use up our Foraged Blackberries and Plums, for Birthdays or just because. And now we have the ideal opportunity with baking our own Halloween Treats for kids! Hooray. Even better the treats that we can make together. So a number of the Halloween treats shared below can be made by the kids too or could be an ideal activity at a Halloween Party! Brilliant. Happy Haunting.





Frankenstein & Zoombie Cookies

Our very own Frankenstein and Zoombie cookies made using a simple basic kid friendly recipe and Gingerbread cookie cutters. The kids had a GREAT time decorating.


owl cupcakesOwl Cupcakes

For the ones amongst that want a cute Halloween and not a spooky one: adorable Owl Cupcakes.


Frankenstein Cookie Pops

And if you Gingerbread men are not your thing, why not try these Frankenstein cookie pops? Super easy to make and a delicious cookie to boot.


halloween baking

Ghost Cakes

Oooh how cute are these Halloween Ghost cakes from Cakes and Scribbles. They look easy to make too, which is always a bonus!

Monster Cookies

I always love monster cookies, as there is no right or wrong and small hands can help and just go WILD with the embellishments!


Pumpkin & Monster Cake Pops

Go visit Mummy Mummy Mum for some fabulous Pumpkin Cake Pops and you will find some more monsters too! Like I said, Monsters ROCK. Go check them out!


No Bake Pumpkins

Fancy Mummy Mummy Mums cake pops above, but don’t quite trust yourself to make the cakey b it. Here is a clever “cheat” or alternative “pop” from Domestic Goddesque. The simplicity is genius!

More Pumpkin Pops

Pumpkins obviously are VERY popular! More pumpkin pops from Mess For Less.


halloween bakingEdible Owl

I do LOVE owls and these are  110% adorable. Creative Playhouse shares this adorable Halloween treat!


Oreo Mummy Treats

When I saw these, I just went “ooh oooh oooh oooooh, need to buy some Oreos” Aren’t they PERFECT? I am seriously tempted to make a whole stash of these for Halloween this year. Thanks to Happy Hooligans for this fab idea.

Witches Cauldron

And oh my goodness, how the kids would love this.. the bubble blubble coming out of the cauldron is BRILLIANT. What a great idea from Rainy Day Mum!


Gruffalo Cupcake

Another favourite of mine, that I have admired for many moons now are these totally adorable Gruffalo cupcakes from Sun Hats & Wellieboots. Aren’t they fantastic?!


Spider Cupakes

Love these Spider Cupcakes from Here Come The Girls. They look easy to make too! Mmmh.



Ha, these are funny – what a great little idea from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails! Read on to find out what they are made from!


Mummy Chocolate Bars

Simple and great way to Halloween-ify your treats … with these Mummy Chocolate bars from Play Dr Hutch.


Spider Biscuits

Or I bet the kids would have fun making these cute spider biscuits as their Halloween Treats this year? From Mum Cook Craft.


Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Oooh and some healthy Oatmeal Cookies Halloween-y-fied perfect for a slightly healthy treat. Love the cream cheese frosting too. Great idea from Little Moments to Embrace.


Zuccini Casserole

All thought this post really was supposed to be just about treats, I couldn’t resist adding this Zuccini Casserole, not only does it look delicious, but I LOVE the little Mummy on it. Brilliant idea by JDaniel4’s Mom!

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