Parenting: Introducing Movie Nights

Disclosure: I am part of the Fox Ambassador Network and they sent us an Apple TV with the Turbo in HD loaded to it. Many thanks.

Sooooo. This is something that we introduced during the Summer holidays and I have been meaning to write about for a while: family movie night. And not just any family movie night… family movie night INSTEAD of TV during the week. Yes, that is right, we have decided to go for “no TV” at all, and a movie night on Fridays.

The Boy started school last year. He is now in Year 1 and I found that with school, the odd play date and activity, there was just “no time” for “down time” and hanging out together and doing “stuff”. It was always just a bit of TV and off to bed. I even had troubles fitting in his reading book.

So I took the “drastic” step of “no TV”. And haven’t looked back since. Surprsingly, the kids don’t really ask for TV either. VERY occassionally I get a “can we watch TV” and then it is a half hearted attempt. They enjoy watching a good movie instead.

I am so pleased we made the switch from TV to movie. Now they get to watch one good film a week (max 2hours long) opposed to approx 7 hours of television a week. Such a huge improvement and together we get to enjoy the love of movies!!

Which brings me to our Movie of the week: Turbo in HD! We got an Apple TV from Fox Network with Turbo in HD already loaded on it. If you know us, you will know that the boy ADORES Turbo. We watched it back when it came out in the cinema in 3D and it has been his FAVOURITE movie since. Seriously. He is turbo mad.. and even made his own plasticine snails. Check out our Turbo review from then.

Since then he has been pestering me as to whether we can get it at home. As we originally watched it in 3D, I was a little “worried” that the DVD just wouldn’t be as imporessive.. enter “HD”. Yay.

We just had our home movie night and the HD quality was BRILLIANT. The next best thing to “3D”. Does help when you are in a cozy living room, with a big bowl of popcorn to go with it!

Bless him. He is so excited! Look at that happy face.. and look at those RACING snails! Lovely.

And now we are going to get busy with some colouring sheets (click to enlarge and print)

turbo colouring sheets (4) turbo colouring sheets (3) turbo colouring sheets (1) turbo colouring sheets (2)


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