Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

… that is the Good Life Mantra. Try not to use something in the first place. If you do, try and use it again and then finally, if all else fails recycle! Some people think that by recycling, they are being “good enough”… not so!

reduce reuse recycle

But I want to talk about my favourite form of “reusing” – children’s clothes… mainly because we have benefited so much from this: friends have given us SO MANY lovely things to reuse that we have had to barely buy anything new for Red Ted since he was about 6 months old! And it isn’t tatty stuff (well no tattier than something “new” worn by Red Ted “once”.. ;-)). Reusing is particularly useful with small children, they grow so fast that sometimes they have only worn something 2-3 times – what a waste! And I am not at all certain how good the “recycling” industry is for textiles or shoes…

Here are some lovely little shoes that Red Ted got to “Reuse”. Hurray!

Here is lots of more FABULOUS recycled crafts – take a  peak at these Milk Carton Craft inspiration:


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