RHS Garden Projects (Book Review)


I can never resist a lovely craft book… so when DK publishing asked me if I was interested in taking a peak at RHS Garden Projects, I was most definitely up it. As you know, I love crafting with kids, but I was interested in this book from the garden perspective. Crafting

for the garden is a whole different ball game, as you need to make your crafts more

durable and weather proof. Yes, a paper pinwheel is pretty, but it won’t last the rain… will it? So, garden projects didn’t disappoint.

I first loo

ked at it with both the kids. They oohed and aahed at every page and asked whether they “could make this” and could I make that. The book then “disappeared”, to resurface a couple of days later on the Kitchen table (aka our art table), opened at a cute so

ck monster page, with some socks next to it and some pipecleaners. Clearly, SOMEONE is getting ready to craft. The Sock Buddy is a cute little craft using recycled materials – a sock and some old jeans and filled with dried lavender from the garden. Very cute indeed.

The kids loved the look of shiny butterflies (yogurt bottles with plastic wings or corks with bubble wrap wings) and flowers (CD and bottles cut up to make petals) and the plastic fork planter people (love the the top of the work is turned into a crown.. genius).

I liked that it encourages you to grow things – like herbs or special treats for your pets (e.g. cat grass) and that there are also some recipes to get the kids trying out veg (carrot and potato chips anyone? or herby cheese muffins).

I particularly liked the “container pond” – instructions of how to turn a bucket into a pond – which is great for the urban (aka tiny) garden we have.

A great book that gets the kids crafting, cooking, planting and outdoors.

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