We Love Trunkis and PaddlePaks!

Well… most of us here in the UK are very much acquainted with the sight of those fabulous little Trunki suitcases – fun suitcases that toddlers can ride along on at the airport.

But Trunki has a whole range of other cool, clever and fun products for you to explore…. including the BoostAPak – a car booster seat AND backpack in one – how clever? Perfect for when your child is going on a play date in someone else’s car! And even more excitedly the Trunki PaddlePak.

We received a Shark Paddle Pak for review.

WEIGHT: The first thing we noticed was how LIGHT it was. Gosh, it seems to weigh NOTHING. When you have a small person carrying a backpack, a lightweight backpack means a lot.

SPACIOUS: Secondly, we seemed to be able to just fill and fill and fill it. It’s surprisingly spacious in that shark belly! As all good backpacks, it also comes with a handy inside pocket, for quick retrieval of things like our sunscreen, as well as a “hidden” pocket in the shark’s tail, perfect for a mobile phone or in our case SWEETS!

STRAPS: Red Ted loved the backpack, but about half way around the airport he decided that I should be wearing it. Of course, I did, and thankfully the PaddlePak fits on both my back AND Red Ted’s!

DESIGN: A big big big thumbs up. It is cute and quirky. We love the way you close the top (you roll and clip), something that Red Ted can manage himself. And everywhere we went, we got complimented on it. It was our “main” backpack throughout the holiday and it was a job well done!

 WATERPROOF: We haven’t yet had to test how waterproof it is, but I am under the impression that it is incredibly waterproof (you just need to watch this cute video here to see).

So… in summary? We love the PaddlePak – love how you can use it on holidays or day to day (e.g. our swimming kit bag)! Thanks for all your fabulous products!

 Disclaimer: we received a Shark Paddle Pak for review. 

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