Leather has been used as a material for thousands of years and ever since we learned to craft the first tools, we have made the best possible use of the material in clothing and furniture.

Since the very first leather pieces however, the material has never really gone out of fashion and today, we use more of it than ever. To add to this if the quality is right, we pay vast amounts of money to adorn both our homes and bodies with it.

Leather is often seen to come with a premium and sales had suffered due to tightening purse strings and a struggling economy. With the possibility of light at the end of the tunnel it is now forcing its way back into our lives. With that in mind however, just where should we expect to see leather in the coming summer?

In our living rooms


Now more than ever people are investing in leather furniture and sofas, spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds on expertly crafted pieces. The Chesterfield and other classic or vintage-style sofas continue to be particularly popular.

The great thing is that we can now buy leather sofas for a much cheaper price from online stores such as www.hellosofas.com, instead of taking the time and effort to go out on the high street and spend more money on the same product.

In our pockets

Leather wallets are also making a spectacular comeback as people are now able to afford simple luxuries such as a good quality wallet.

The advantage of a leather wallet is of course the fact that the material is so tough and durable, meaning that it can withstand the vast amounts of wear and tear that our possessions have to endure within our pockets. A good quality leather wallet might conceivably last a lifetime.

On our backs


With fashion icons such as Alex Turner and Rihanna both being found in the fashion spotlight bearing the material, one of this summer’s biggest fashion hits is almost certainly deemed to be the leather jacket.

Now that the item has firmly rid itself of the infamous Grease association, people throughout the UK are once more happy to don quite possibly one of the most instantly cool pieces of clothing available on the market. 

Covering our feet

These days it seems, you can’t go anywhere without seeing the highly divisive Ugg boots. To make matters worse (or better, depending on your opinion) however, they can now be found in beautiful leather forms.

If you or your partner is a fan of both leather and Ugg boots, then you may just want to keep them away from the stores this summer. In fact, you can even buy Ugg boots made from kangaroo fur! Those, however, may be a little harder to find in-stores.

Hanging (elegantly) from our arms

Okay, so these may have never really gone out of fashion in the first place, but recent news of the economy has led to increased sales of high value leather handbags and purses for the first time in 6 years.

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