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So. I think we all know that parenting isn’t QUITE as easy as it looked before we actually “arrived here”. Of course parenting is full of unexpected wonders, joys and rewards, but the day to day can also be quite tough. Whether you are looking after a newborn or a 10year old, they all come with different challenges. My kids are now 8yrs and 6yrs old. So I can only really comment on those “early” years”. Many parents mention how well my kids eat (on the whole, of course they are still fussy and leave some meals untouched.. but on the whole, I would say they eat pretty much everything.. it is just the “combination of everything” that they sometimes query!!!).

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So what is my top parenting hack? Especially when it comes to food… ok. This is such a VERY SMALL hack, but one that saved me many an argument.. I have no idea why it worked, but it for us.

CRUSTS. And the eating of crusts.

I am sure that 95% of parents as some point or another have a discussion about the eating of crusts (or not). My daughter in particularly really never wanted to eat them. We had a deal, if she ate two, she didn’t have to eat the rest……

So I cute the toast (or sandwiches) in triangles. When you cut the bread in triangles (4), it magically transforms from 2 crusts per pieces to ONE CRUST. Even looks like the same sized crust.. and low and below it gets cobbled up.

So there you have it! CUT YOUR TOAST into triangles and not squares!

Need some more parenting hacks? These are so quick and easy and simply GENIUS:

Toddler Tap Extension

Shoe Caddy Hack

Ice Lolly Hack


Aren’t these simply genius? So simple, yet OH SO EFFECTIVE!

I do hope you have found these parenting hacks useful!

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