“As You Go” Learning – Shooting Hoops

Welcome back to “As You Go” learning – making the most of learning in day to day play activities.

This week The Boy has been really into his “basket ball hoop”. I love this game.. we use a soft ball, a hoop at the back of the door in the corridor – house and garden are not big and space is limited, yet there IS space for a small hoop…. fabulous.

If you don’t have a hoop, could you fashion one out of two coat hangers?

What are our learning opportunities?

1) Counting – in our case, counting how often you have thrown your ball, rather than how many go in

2) Agility and Hand/ Eye co-ordination – getting the ball in! We have a way to go!

3) Science – you can talk to OLDER kids about the trajectory of the ball and how different angles change the path of the ball

4) Social skills – taking turns and, ahem, learning to “loose”

5) Writing skills – use a black board (or pen and paper) to write down people’s scores

6) Division – you can turn this into a maths game and calculate things like “average number of shots to get the ball in” etc.

I am sure there are PLENTY more things you can learn from Shooting Hoops – what do you think? Share your ideas below!

Happy hoop shooting!

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