Average parents spend thousands repairing home damages caused by children

An array of shocking statistics regarding the true cost of parenthood has highlighted the constant expense of household repairs endured by parents and caused by their children. On top of the numerous other expenses known to diminish the family finances, from school uniforms to birthday parties, an average total of over £2,000 is spent on repairing damages.

This sum is reached by the time children have hit the age of only 10 – meaning there is plenty of time for children to hit their parents with further bills!

The results of the study, published in the Daily Mail, have revealed the financial implications of destructive play time are so severe that almost 30% of the mothers and fathers questioned admitted to putting money aside for unexpected repairs as a precaution.

A quarter claimed to avoid spending money on easily breakable home ware and 50% even considered home repair costs as one of the ‘main drains’ on their funds.

Children: Hazardous to the home?

Perhaps most shocking is the finding that two in three boys are deemed ‘hazardous to the home’ by their own parents, with sons between the ages of  four and ten thought most likely to cause destruction.

Children are often rated higher than extreme weather, substandard DIY projects and even pets as the ‘root clomiphene purchase online cause’ of destruction – both intentional and accidental – within the home. 22% of parents have resorted to never leaving their children alone in a room, in a desperate attempt to prevent chaos.

The most commonly reported damages included drawing on walls, permanent carpet stains, broken plates and damaged furniture while 15% of parents claim to have suffered a blocked toilet or broken window because of the actions of their kids.

Setting things on fire came in at a worrying number 19 on the list of top offenders and gluing things to the furniture and walls was also in the top 20 – meaning that your little terrors could be far more terrifying then you actually imagined.

Protecting your home from damage

The statistics speak for themselves and with the heavy-handedness of teenagers ready to take over once the days of clumsy play-dates come to a close; it is well worth looking into More Than home insurance accidental damage cover for a little peace of mind. They now offer protection with free £200 Home Emergency Assistance when you use their authorised repair network – a great way to put that potential £2,000 worth of home damage caused by kids in its place!

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