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So… my little girl has just turned four and already she is quite obsessed by MAGAZINES. Yes, she exhibits rather girly behaviour (she compliments others on their clothes, likes nail varnish and “paint face” and enjoys a good cup of afternoon tea with her dolls) – I have no idea where this has come from, as I am not particularly girly myself. But she is who she is. And one thing she loves to do is browse the magazines at the newsagents. Lucky for her she will soon be getting a monthly subscription to a BRAND NEW magazine for girls: Blossom.

First see what The Girl thought:



She DOES speak more than this…. but decided to go into “baby mode” ho hum.

/m/loader/final_group_loader/BLO_01_p02-35_IntroV6_for_loading/BLO_01_p02-35_IntroV6/Blossom is a published by the Immediate Media, so that already puts in great stead with me (I am a great fan of the Immediate can you order clomid online Media and it’s associated children’s programs). Though targated at girls, it promises to bring much more than “just girl stuff”, including bug hunting and soccer to those interested, whilst focussing on 7 areas of the UK Early Learning Curriculum.

There is some exciting stuff going on in February’s edition – an EXCITING COMPETITION:

February’s edition sees the launch of an exciting writing competition in conjunction with World Book Day.  Readers are asked to complete a story with their own words and ideas. The winning story will

  • be published in the magazine, will illustrations by the Blossom artist
  • receive a  keepsake hard copy of their storybook
  • Princess Poppy author Janey Louise Jones will visit the winner’s school
  • receive a book bundle from Random house for the winner and their school

A seriously fab prize, I say!!!


So do check your copy out now!


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