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numeracy exercises for kids

Numeracy ideas for young children.

I am sure this post is “obvious” to any teacher out there… but to us it was a pleasant discovery!

I am all for learning through play. I also worry about how early we are learning our alphabet and numbers far too early here in the UK. Compulsory schooling starts aged 4 (“Reception”) and children go to nursery from aged 3. The nurseries are lots of fun, but already the children learn letters and numbers. Usually by the time they start Reception they can write their name (or something that resembles their name).

I am actually horrified. In “The old days”, children didn’t start on their alphabet until they were 5 or 6! Anyway, I am digressing.

It is what it is. And I want to help my son and make it fun. Nothing worse than “feeling” you can’t do something and “having to”.

So. Whilst we were on holiday we (re)discovered cialis 36 hour online Join The Dot books! Red Ted was HOOKED. Adored them. I can’t say that he is brilliant at it, but he loves doing them together. And that is what matters. A learning opportunity together.

And suddenly, as a parent, I was able to see what numbers he actually KNOWS. Interesting indeed (e.g. he has great difficulties holding 6 and 9 apart)…

Later we made up our “own” dot the dots. And it was a great way for us to add some shapes too – squares, traingles, circles etc. All led by Red Ted I hasten to add!

I plan to do “dot the dot” backwards once Red Ted gets the hang of 1-20 and does these easily. So it will be  great way to reinforce learning your numbers from 20-1 as well.

We love joining the dots and it is most definitely the way forward for us to practice numbers!!!

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