Cooking with Kids: Maths Skills

A super quick post about the benefits of cooking with kids! As you know, I am a great advocate of learning through play and learning without even realising that you are learning! We have been doing a lot of baking for kids recently. I always use this as an opportunity to sneak in some learning. I tell them the ingredients – and ask “what do we need for cookies”? And they usually guess about half.

Then I talk to them about the amount we need… a 100 grams of.. what does a 100 look like? How many zeros? What does a 125 grams look like.

We get out the scales and measure. I show them the numbers and we look to get to a 100. Is a 101 ok too?

So after our I turned my back to put the cookies in the oven.. The kids started running backwards and forwards, giggling away. I turned round.. and..

I saw this:

Maths in the KitchenBless them. They were getting all their toys and weighing them. They were seeing what weighed the most and what weighed the least. Brilliant. Great kids.

So. Cooking with Kids? Remember to talk NUMBERS! And let them explore!

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