Cooking With Kids: Turkey Fajitas Wraps

Cooking with Kids - easy recipes to get the kids involvedWe have done LOTS of baking with kids recently (well, they ALWAYS fancy baking, there is a surprise) and less cooking with kids. So it is about time we shared another recipe with you. I love these Turkey Fajitas that kids can help make, as they are similar to the Pitta Bread Pizzas – there is an element of “self assembly” – giving them choices in their meal and I think in a way encouraging them to put more different things in!

We used turkey this time to make a change for chicken – which we eat a lot of.


* Fajitas/ Wraps – I found some smaller side plate sized ones that we easier for the kids to hold

* Turkey filled cut into strips

* English mustard (not sweet but hot) and ketchup – for our very special home invented “sauce”

* Assortment of vegetables – e.g.

  • fried onions (my kids didn’t want these),
  • peppers (raw or fried with some soya sauce),
  • slices of tomato, thin strips of cucumber,
  • fried mushrooms

* Grated cheese

* Re fried beans from a can (we didn’t have any this time)

* Creme freche (optional)


1) I had the children help me cut the turkey strips. We washed out hands and used scissors to cut. Once done, we all washed our hands again.

2) Then we slices some peppers. I held Red Ted’s hands – I think is still too young to do this himself, but it is great to let him have a go. Mushrooms are easier for them to cut and they can use a butter propecia online canada pharmacy knife or children’s knife to do so.

3) Fry your vegetables – onions, peppers, mushrooms – we fried them after each other, so that you still had a “selection” of veg at the dinner table to choose from. But of course you can mix the up too.

Cooking with Kids

4) We then heated a little oil in the frying pan and added the turkey a good “blob” of ketchup and mustard and mixed it all up. Don’t add too much mustard as it is hot. We prob had about 2 table spoons of ketchup to half a one of mustard. Fry gently and make sure the turkey is cooked through. I let Red Ted (almost 5) help with the frying. We talked about what he is allowed to touch (the handle) and he has to keep his face away from the heat and any potential “spitting”. He felt so grown up and proud that he was allowed to stir a little. I think getting them involved, interested and enthusiastic about cooking is just as valuable as “any doing”.

5) Grate some cheese. Add slices tomatoes on long thin pieces of cucumbers.

Cooking with kids - Fajitas

6) Place in lots of little bowls at the table and let the children assemble their own fajitas.

Done! The kids loved it.

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