How to create the ultimate kids’ playroom


Kids room

Check out our guide below for advice on kitting out the perfect playroom for kids at the start of their schooling life. Whether you have the luxury of being able to convert a whole room or are simply looking to create a special space in their bedrooms, our tips should help.

When it comes to décor, bright and colourful walls are best, but you need to make sure they won’t get dirty in an instant. Reds, blues and greens often work best for this reason! The flooring should be soft so that kids can happily play on the floor; foam tiles provide a nice, flat surface for playing with cars or making jigsaws, and are cheaply and easily replaced.

Here are some items we would recommend including in the play area:


Many parents learn the hard way that kids love to draw on walls. Give your little ones the freedom to get creative without causing damage by hanging a whiteboard on their wall, onto which they can scribble and doodle to their hearts’ content.

Viking IE stocks a great range of whiteboards as well as a selection of accessories, such as dry-wipe pens and erasers. Make sure to hang it at an appropriate height – it can always be moved as children grow.

Children’s desk

Adding a desk and chair in child-friendly sizes will not only give your little ones a fantastic space for drawing, but will also provide an area for doing homework. Teaching kids to sit down properly and concentrate on the task should teach them good discipline and ensure they learn better.


It might not feel like it sometimes, but kids do run out of energy! Kit out their playroom with a few comfy beanbags so that they can take a rest from all that fun. Dunelm stocks a great range, such as this children’s football-themed beanbag, which also provides a fun place to curl up with a book.


Speaking of books, inspire your little ones to stretch their imaginations and improve their reading skills by including a bookcase in the playroom. Try a low shelving system like this from Amazon so that the kids can easily reach every book.

Toy chests and hammocks

Make tidying toys quick and easy with large toy chests or buckets, and get a soft toy hammock for all those teddy bears. That way, the kids will have no excuse not to put their things away. Try fabric toy bins, like this from eBay, as plastic boxes can be something as a hazard – especially if cracked or broken.

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