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So, now that the Summer holidays are upon it is finally time for some trips into London with the kids! Yes, it is always hard work, yes, we are always shattered at the end of it, but yes, it is TOTALLY worth it. Even more so, when you have great London Galleries to visit and museums such as the Science Museum on the doorstep!

So today we indeed did go to the Science Museum with one big goal in mind: their summer extravaganza: “The Energy Show“!


I cannot begin to say how utterly BRILLIANT it is. Really. Fantastic. Theatre meets Science. What more can you want? Especially since we have been becoming a little more interested in “Science at Home” in the last few months and of course LOVE going to the Theatre. So, I KNEW this would be something for us.

The show officially is for 7years+ but I was confident my two (5.5yrs and 3.5yrs) would like it. They didn’t have to understand everything, it is enough for them “to go to theatre”, see some fun experiments and listen to some BIG sciency words…

The Boy ADORED it. He was all revved up and wanted to do big explosive experiments STRAIGHT AWAY (ahem, it has been a long hot day, dear boy, and I need to a) relax first and b) see what supplies we have in!).

Pip Squeak surprised me by being a little scared. She LOVES the theatre, so I wasn’t expecting it. She did say she liked the play (all the talking, was good, Mummy, but I didn’t like the big noises). Well. There are some pretty big bangs, but they are exciting!

So, if you DO go with younger kids, I think it is totally fine, BUT, do sit at the top back of the auditorium, so the bangs are not as loud (we could feel the heat coming off the experiments) and you have a quick exit should you need it (exit is via the top and not the front). I am glad that we “managed”to stay, as my son really enjoyed the show and I thought it was simply fantastic.

I would love for a show like this to tour and “not just” be for the Summer. Theatre come Science is just such a brilliant idea, that I don’t know why it wasn’t done before… Hope over to Theatre, Books and Movies for some “storyline” review!!

Bubble Show

As to the rest of the Science Museum. All was well, as we also go to go and see The Bubble show with the kids. A show that is on every hour (at half past the hour) and was full of, well, bubbly fun.


There are lots of other things on at the moment, a big focus on 3D and we got to go on a 3D treasure hunt and make our very own 3D glass. All super duper good!! There are lots of super friendly staff on hand, ready to explain the different Science displays and activities and help you and your kids have a truly excellent and sciency time!!!

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Disclosure: we received complimentary tickets by the museum

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