Creating a Seamless Outdoor/Indoor Living Divide

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Summer is fast approaching and there’s no better way to make the most of the good weather than by getting outdoors. Whether you’re hosting a party or just a casual dinner for friends, summer is also a great opportunity to put a stronger outdoors focus on your entertaining style.

Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living doesn’t need to be as difficult as it sounds though and here’s a look at some easy tips on how to make that happen.

The goal

The most comfortable and well-used outdoor entertaining spaces are the ones that feature little change beyond the sliding doors. This means continuing the design style and colour schemes used in your house to make it a fluid and comfortable space. Sliding doors are a simple way of opening the space up further and also offer uninterrupted access to your garden for the perfect integration of indoors and outdoors.

Make it functional

It’s important to give the outdoor area a purpose beyond just additional seating space. Outdoor cooking is the most obvious answer and Charcoal BBQs are a great traditional option for those who love the thrill of cooking on an old-fashioned fire. For those after a more modern option, Gas barbeques are a great way of achieving the same high quality standards found in your kitchen but taking the cooking outdoors onto a decking area or patio.

Other ideas include transforming the space into an outdoor movie room or installing a wood fired pizza oven; another great outdoor cooking option. Chimineas are a great tool for increasing warmth during cold nights and can even be used to roast marshmallows for those after an intimate and homely experience.

Make it comfortable

While here in Britain we are renowned for embracing good weather whenever we get a chance, it’s not a bad idea to prepare the area for some cooler conditions too. A roof is the most basic kind of shelter you should provide for outdoor entertaining and leaving two open sides alongside two protected ones is another way of creating both space and shelter.

Gas heaters are a great way to help warm the outdoor room on chilly nights and canvas drapes are a good idea for keeping the wind away. For a quirky outdoor heating solution, why not check out the range of circular outdoor tables with built in fire-pits at the centre? Outdoor rugs are also a great way of keeping warmth from the floor upwards.

When choosing furniture, forget your rigid garden furniture of old and instead find outdoor furniture that’s both comfortable and functional. You’ll be surprised at the different types on offer with everything from long bench seating to circular sofa hubs available for those after something unique.

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