Creating space in your kid’s bedroom

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With all the clutter and mess that comes with a kid’s bedroom, you can very quickly find space becoming a premium. There are some simple tricks you can put in place to create more space in their room, giving them more space to play freely.

I’m going to take you through some of my tops tips for keeping your kids room clutter free and full of space for fun time.

It’s all about the bed

If you pick the right bed, then you could potentially solve all your storage issues in one go. There’s a great range of kid’s beds from Bed Guru that are more than up for the job!

The first one is a cabin bed. Cabin beds are great because, not only are they somewhere for your kids to put their heads down, they’re also a great place for storage. They often come with draws fitted to store all loose items and clothing. Sometimes they even come with a desk and play area making them an all in one solution.

The other option is a double or single bed with space to store underneath. Often beds have space below them where you can fit boxes and other loose items. This is particularly great if they have toys that get cluttered around their rooms.

Find as much as storage as you can

There’s so many great storage options for kids’ bedrooms you can’t really go wrong. If you can, try and get a wardrobe or chest of drawers that come fitted with as many places to store items as possible. You can sometimes get wardrobes and drawers in one package. This gives you somewhere to keep their clothes and toys keeping their room clutter free and making the room feel bigger because there’s less mess.

Be realistic with the space you have

You need to make sure you stay realistic with the space that you have available to you. If it’s a small room, then a double bed is not a good idea. Stick to a single bed or a small double. They don’t take up as much room and this gives your kids more space to play in. You also need to think about the size of the toys they have. Large toys won’t go well in a small space so think ahead when it comes to buying presents, check that they will actually fit in the space you have.

These are my top three tips for saving space in your kid’s bedroom. If you have any other suggestions then feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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