The Mum Salary

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Soooo. This is something that any stay at home parent (mum or dad) must have a look at… the MUM SALARY calculator. I don’t know about you – though I am self employed, I also find, that I do pretty much all the child care.. all the laundry and all the tidying up. I am lucky in that The Englishman likes to cook (phew), but, I still do all the food shopping too. I do everthing the kids need – from homework, to paying for school clubs and sorting out school uniforms. I take them to the dentist and I clean the hamster cage. I sort their toys and organise their birthdays…. It seems like it is NEVER ENDING. And yes, I work too.

I am SO curious to know what my “Mum Salary” is actually worth. How much, would we as a family have to fork out if I wasn’t able to be “home” the way I do?

I love this simple little app that figures out “your worth” – answer a few simple questions… and you will quickly have your answer!

Have you had a go? What figure did you come up with? I now think you should take say 1% of that and go off and treat yourself. I am pretty certain that even just 1% will pay for you for a nice day out at the Spa, or a lovely lunch with friends.. go on, you know you want to!

Apparently I am worth £14, 567 – and  that is just during “term time” and exclude “extra curricular activities” like doing Arts & Crafts at home (check out these Monster Pinch Pots! Would have cost a fair penny to make at a professional place!).. I bet if I added all those £100s that friends have to work out for holiday clubs, my mum salary would soar. Right.. I am off for a VERY nice lunch, with the nicest bottle of wine on the menu… and I may just take a long a fellow “mum”.


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