Nights Out: Benihana Chelsea

I regularly write about Days Out for kids – usually in the London area or about the latest Movie the kids and I have seen.

So today, I thought I would share our fabulous night out for the GROWN UPs. Because yes, we too need to get out now and again and let our hair down. A number of fabulous London Bloggers and I went to BENIHANA in Chelsea! (Do check out the website and their “opening video”, I wish I could embed it in this post.. brilliant fun!).

The more I think about it though, this isn’t JUST an evening out for grown ups, I can really see The Boy (5) loving this Japanese Restaurant too. But first a little more about it…

BENIHANA is a restaurant that I am VERY familiar with. I remember going to one of their relatively new restaurants when I was about 10 or 11 years old. It was fun and exciting. The Chef comes and cooks on a large hotplate at your table. Not only to they sizzle away at your chosen meal, but the chefs are also trained in the skill of spatula and knife juggling, balancing raw eggs and the odd cheeky squirt from the fake Japanese sauce bottle. You will be delighted by the food and awed by the large flames and giggle at the tricks (I was had at least twice). Now, unfortunately, when I was 10 or 11 years old is, ahem **quite some time ago** and yet our visit sticks out in my mind as a significant family meal out.

It was special and wonderful.

So, when I got the chance to go again, I was rather excited to go. The Chelsea venue (a short walk down the Kings Road from Sloan Square tube) didn’t disappoint. Though underground, the venue is surprisingly large and spacious. The tables generally sit up to about 8 people, so you get a cozy feel. We got shown the private room (available at no extra cost) that seats 12. I love the idea of the private room for a 40th Birthday or a special celebration. Making the experience will even more out of the ordinary – there is even space for your body guards to relax, should you choose to bring them along.

BENIHANA offers a good selection of Japanese fare – from Miso soups and fresh Sushi to it’s famous “dinners” cooked at your table. The food was delicious, the staff were attentive and fun and the company was brilliant. Check out what Kids Chaos thought of the place.

It is not just a meal out, but an experience!

Disclaimer: we were invited to the evening out by the BENIHANA management team.


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