Summer Reading: Book of the Week

Our Summer Reading challenge continues! Hooray. We do love a good (picture) book. So it is time for our Book of the Week.

This week, we have a fun little book to celebrate The Olympics The Mr Men Sports Day, by Roger Hargreaves. If you are not familiar with Mr Men – they are “British classic” series of small books all about some jolly Mr Men, and now of course “Little Misses”. They all have special characteristics that explain their names. Mr Happy, Mr Bump, Mr Rush etc. There is also a small set of “themed” books – where all the characters come together for some fun. Such us this Sports Day. The Sports Day is being held in nonsense land (what a great start, the 4 yrs old is giggling already). And the sports day isn’t just any old sports day.. it is all silly and nonsense.. the grass is blue, the lines are wiggly, people are dressed in funny shoes and the high jump is won by the Mr Small (how does that work?!). Mr Rush can’t wait for the 100m dash. But don’t forget Mr Rush, it is a nonsense sport.. so who will win?

As all Mr Men books, this is cute and fun and Red Ted loves it. And we get a lot of “again again again”s!

Our reading tally this week is 23 books. Hooray.

Red Ted 4 yrs and 4 months

Pip Squeak 2 yrs and 7 months


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