Lego Star Wars – The Yoda Chronicles

When we got an invite to come along to the launch of the latest Lego Star Wars : The Yoda Chronicles on DVD launch, the kids squealed in excitement. They simply ADORE Lego. They ADORE Star Wars and they ADORE Lego Stars Wars movies.

It is a funny thing, as both kids have seen the “real Star Wars” already – they are a bit young for it at almost 4yrs and almost 6yrs, but their Dad couldn’t wait for them to see the movies and this Summer let them see it for the first time. I am not sure if I think it is quite age appropriate for them. So the Star Wars Lego animations are a good alternative for us.

They get to see Star Wars and enjoy one of their favourite toys.

The kids loved seeing the new movies and we had a lovely day out – meeting with Darth Vader himself and some storm troopers, whilst helping build a large Yoda picture.


Every one was given a sheet of paper with coloured in squares, that they had to re assemble out of lego. A bit like doing a puzzle. And each square then slotted into the big Yoda picture. The “parent” in me, loved that this was a bit of sneaky “maths exercise” for The Boy, who really enjoyed making his squares.

Once we did our bit.. and when we had watch the new Lego  Star Wars movies, stuff our bellies with mini burgers and chips and had a Darth Vader face painted on our cheeks, it was time to head home!

The kids had a lovely day out and now can’t wait to watch the Episodes at home with Daddy (who couldn’t make it out with us)! And why not get hold of your own Lego Star Wars : The Yoda Chronicles on DVD? It is now now out and available!!

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Disclaimer: we were invited along to a family day out with the Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment  team

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