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If you are not familiar with the fabulous little apps that are Toca Boca… it is time you took a peak! The Toca Boca apps, are playful, arty and above all fun apps all the way from Sweden. I love apps that are not just fun for the kids to play with, but that are also visually appealing – the design and graphics make all the difference in my eyes. But I digress, today isn’t about their quirky little apps, but it is about the newly launched Toca Ink. Toca Ink a temporary playful and fun kids’ tattoos, based on the fabulous Toca Boca characters.

Now I don’t know how you feel about Kids’ Tattoos, but my kids LOVE THEM. I have mixed feelings about them.. but as they are temporary, I can’t see the harm. Especially , since the designs now available are artistically light years ahead from the temporary tattoos of my childhood (no longer do you “just” get the old Spiderman or snake tattoo), now, with companies like Toca Ink, you can get fabulous, colourful and playful designs that appeal to both boys and girls. I know that this set of Toca Ink tattoos will have my little girl’s imagination run wild. Don’t think of them as temporary tattoos – think of them as a portable story prompts. What will the character do next? Why are Walter’s Wheels on Fire? What is Larry the Lion up to with his hair?

Whether you know the Toca Boca Apps or not (and if you don’t time you checked them out at the Apple Store, you will love these cute little designs)!

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