Choosing the Best Canvas Print for your Family Photo

Having a perfect family photo but not being able to choose what to do with it is a common conundrum for all of us. Whether to get the photo framed keep it digital, or whether to have it printed onto canvas is one decision, but then there’s the added factor of styles within that medium. Should you go for photo effects? When should you apply them, before or after sending to print? What kind of finish should you get on the print? All these things have an effect on the image, and can be there difference between keeping your photo forever and getting bored of it after a year. Here are a few of the different options and why you might go for them.


Canvas Print Finishes

If you decide that you want a canvas print, then one of the biggest things to decide is what kind of finish you want the canvas to have. Matt finish prints are probably the most commonly used type. They are varnished, so some protection is offered, but they tend to leave the image looking plain and as original as possible. Gloss finish prints work better with photo-effect canvases. Things like black & white or sepia images will look fantastic with this glossy finish. The final choice is satin which is a mix between the two offering some sheen yet not being too bold.

Photo effects

If you are editing the photo on your own pc then the range of affects you can add to the photo relies entirely on your skill at using photo editing software. For some of you that’s obviously not going to be a very high level, so, to get round that, lots of online canvas printers offer their own editing surfaces to add before they print. The obvious ones here are black & white or sepia, but they also offer things like ‘colour splash’ which shades everything in great except one particularly bold colour, giving a great and unique effect. Another style, one that isn’t really included in colour editing is the ‘split panel canvas,’ which takes one image and then spreads it across a number of canvases. The split panel is really useful for getting a complex set of actions in one photo to spread out and become legible.

Border options

The border of a canvas print is the part that wraps around the wooden frame and can have a big effect on how the photo looks. ‘Photo edge’ is a common option if there is a lot of background image to spare, there is also the option of a mirrored edge that inverts the edge of the main photo, keeping it in line with the style of the photo. If you wanted a simpler option then single colours can be picked for the border, from black or white- depending on the darkness of the photo- to ‘bespoke’ colour edges that take the main colour scheme of the photo and add it to the edge.

These are all the main variables when it comes to picking the right canvas print, all the rest is on you to get the perfect photo to have printed!

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