Cooking With Kids

As you know, we LOVE Cooking with Kids here at Life At The Zoo.  I do think it is so important to teach our kids a number of basic life skills – getting ready for the “adult world”. I would hate for my children to leave home and not know how to cook, nor how to load a washing machine. Or worse still – go and do an exchange programme with another family and be lazy so and sos that are clueless and don’t help.

So one of the things we do like to do is cook together. It is a great opportunity to spend time together, whilst teaching  them about day to day things. Cooking with kids is not rocket science and you won’t need specialist Catering Equipment to have a go.  It is all about involving them in what you are doing – EXPLAINING what you are doing and letting them have a go here and there where they can help. They may be too young to use a sharp knife, but they can help put things into a pan (carefully), they can stir, they certainly can watch and they can discuss what sort of things go into a certain dish.

My two currently ADORE helping out, they feel all special and grown up, that I trust them near the cooker and that they can contribute.

If your child is reluctant to joining – maybe start off with baking. Most kids ADORE to bake, even if it just means licking the spoon – it is a start. We love to baking cupcakes and muffins and cookies. Wrapped up nicely they make great gifts for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day too. Or just make them for your friends.

Whatever you decide to make – be sure to involve your children and teach them these very valuable and basic life skills!

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