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There is a set of Craft Smart book by QED Publishing at the moment – and the idea is simple – a relatively inexpensive book (£5.99), with 12 craft projects to spark off your creativity. Quite neat in away – as sometimes (!!) craft books with TOO many projects can be a little overwhelming. Whilst with these books, you could set yourself a monthly challenge and do one each month!!

We were sent Craft Smart Recycling and Craft Smart Papercrafts to look at. As you know, I am a keen crafter and have tons of Kids Craft Ideas over on Red Ted Art. So scrutinise I will!


Recycling – I like the introductory pages, looking at what sort of things you can recycle (e.g. buttons, greeting cards, ties etc) and showing you basic techniques (knots and stitches). The crafts themselves are nicely laid out – simple directions, colourful drawings and finished product photos. A number of the crafts are familiar to me – newspaper beads, button bracelets and sock creatures – but that doesn’t make them any less good.

In fact they are great crafts to share with kids and encourages to start looking at ordinary household items in different ways.


Papercrafts – as per the recycling book, you have some great and simple introduction pages before the projects start! And again, there are a number of great ideas in here (in fact, I have been meaning to make Flower Lollipops for AGES, really it is about time I did!!). I also like that it introduces craft techniques – e.g. paper quilling or origami a “classic” paper craft and a must for anyone venturing into crafts with paper. Crats I would expect to see in a papercraft book, but simple enough to not be off putting!

Iknow that if I showed these books to my kids, they would want to make ALL of it!


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