Getting Ready for Autumn

Well… as you know, over on Red Ted Art we LOVE LOVE LOVE Autumn. Autumn means shorter days, longer times at home and you get to do lots of Autumn Crafts we als0 have some fantastic Autumn Garland DIYs. Hooray. Click on the image below to see some of the lovely crafts we have in store for you…. And we adore these wonderful ways of how to preserve leaves! So clever.

Wonderful Fall Craft IDeas


But Autumn also means a change in season and with that a change in seasons of WHAT TO WEAR! The kids have new waterproofs and jackets to see them through the winter. Wellies are out and ready. Long trousers and tights bought.

Time to check out my own Autumn wardrobe what I have and what is missing. I love changing my wardrobes by seasons – getting out the old – putting away the Summer clothes. A change of what you wear regularly. Usually a few new must have items are required. Maybe some new winter boots are in order? I am forever wearing down my heals in no time… or a new Mac for the wet and rainy days?

I don’t think sorting out your Autumn wardrobe should be expensive. I like wearing “old seasons”, as it means I have things that others don’t. Charity shops are a great place to find the additional somethings, like a cardigan or a scarf and hat. There are of course plenty of high street stores have good deals on and are not too expensive. The key is to know what you need and to shop for those items, you need to shop smart and savvy and not just “go and shop”.

So.. with that in mind, I think we are almost ready for the new season. Bring on Autumn!

BRILLIANT article about How to Preserve Leaves:

6 Methods to Preserve Leaves - but which is the best Which is the easiest and which is the cheapest

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